Shanghai international expo center in June 2018

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2018/09/20 21:13
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iangsu Bluestar Green Technology Co., Ltd , the subsidiary company of Jiangsu Kangtai Holding Group Co., Ltd.. is mainly engaged in manufacturing, Research &Development and sales of environmental friendly refrigerants, foaming agents,fluoride new material&monomer and fluoride fine chemicals. The main products including HFC-134a, HFC-125, CTFE, 2,2-Difluoroethanol, Difluoroacetic acid, Ethyl difluoroacetate, 2,2-Difluoroethylamine, TFE, TFA, Ethyl trifluoroacetate, 2,2,2-Trifluoroethylamine, Trifluoroacetaldehyde hydrate etc. ,are primarily applied in automotive, household electrical appliance , construction and pharmaceutical industries and are characteristic of high-tech, good product performance , playing the core role in production of down stream products.Attend the annual fair in Shanghai in June 2018。