The difference between r134a and hfc-134a

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2018/09/20 21:48
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Molecular formula:: CHF2CHF2 ,Molecular weight:102.03 boiling point :-26.26℃ , Critical temperature :101.1 ℃ ,Critical pressure :4067kpa。


Molecular formula::CH2FCF3(四氯乙烷0,molecular weight:102.03,Boiling point: -26.1 ℃ Critical temperature, 101.1 ℃ Critical pressure,4010 kpa

As can be seen above, R134a and HFC134a are two different substances, but their physical properties are basically the same, and they can be substituted by each other. Both R134a and HFC134a are ODP values of zero. Its low toxicity makes it a very effective and safe alternative to the cfc-12 used in the refrigeration industry. R134a and HFC134a are mainly used in automobile air-conditioning, household appliances, small fixed refrigeration equipment, medium-temperature refrigeration in supermarkets, industrial and commercial refrigerator